Hello friends, 

The war in Ukraine hasn’t stopped and more families are affected in life-altering ways daily. The families, children and communities of Ukraine are forever changed and traumatized. It’s easy to feel hopeless and like you can’t make a difference. But you can and I’m writing to ask for your help. 

The triangle is home to a vibrant and fierce Eastern European and Russian community. It’s unbearable to watch what is happening in Ukraine to the people that share your language, homeland, and culture. Ukrainian refugees are hoping to get their families to safety and begin a new life. One such family hopes to start that life in the triangle and has found a sponsor, Olga. Olga is originally from St. Petersburg and is a rhythmic and aesthetic gymnastics coach at a small studio in Raleigh. Olga heard that one of her colleagues was desperately looking for a sponsor to the US. Natalia, and her two daughters Mia (2yo) and Liza (7yo) are in a small town very close to the war zone and have been trying to make their way to Poland for safety. Olga has generously offered a home heart to Natalia and her daughters but needs help to cover plane tickets and necessities when they arrive. Natalia and her daughters are leaving everything behind. One hundred percent of your donation will go directly to Natalia and her daughters for travel expenses, food, and clothing. Natalia’s family will soon become a part of our community and your generosity will change their lives. Any donation amount is more than appreciated and if you have other ways that you would like to help Natalia and her daughters please reach out. 

Thank you for considering and for remembering the people in Ukraine have not stopped fighting, they are not safe and they need our collective heart and help.