Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) is combining art, expression and feelings into a high level competitive sport. It differs from Rhythmic Gymnastics through its big and continuous body movement and larger teams. Apparatus such as ball, ribbon, hoop or rope are not used in international AGG competitions as opposed to Rhythmic Gymnastics. The sport requires physical qualities such as flexibility, balance, speed, strength, coordination and sense of rhythm where movements of the body are emphasized in the flow, expressive and aesthetic appeal. The teams consist of at least 6 gymnasts and vary in age starting for 6 years old.

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics is a new segment of the “Gymnastics For All” program. The program has been designed to allow easy access for young children and beginning adults as well as to be a competitive program for experienced dancers, retired athletes, etc. Any of the following groups will find Aesthetic Group Gymnastics a fun and easy way to enhance their “Gymnastics For All” experience:

  1. Recreational gymnastics groups
  2. Groups aspiring to the elite/international competitive levels
  3. “Gymnastics For Women” performance groups

Routines are scored using a friendly evaluation system. The evaluation is made in three (3) parts: Artistic Value, Technical Value, and Execution.

While Aesthetic Group Gymnastics has similarities to Rhythmic Gymnastics, its basic foundations and performance goals are quite different. The sport is founded on harmonious, rhythmic and dynamic movements performed with economic and natural use of strength. An overemphasis on extreme amplitude is NOT to be rewarded. Rather a premium value is placed on movements flowing naturally from one to the next. Also of utmost importance is the artistic experience and total unity of the group performance.