Mission and Vision

Our vision is to provide our students the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential in a safety, friendly and professional environment to allow our gymnasts to shine with grace.

About Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG)

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) is a sport that combines elements of rhythmic gymnastics, dance and acrobatics. It requires the ability to represent the musical character with movement, where emphasis is on uniformity, simultaneity, freedom, grace and emotions. It is a new but rapidly developing gymnastic discipline in this country.
AGG is not only beautiful and elegant but it is also romantic. There was good reason why a well-known lyric poet Yesenin fell in love with the creator of aesthetic gymnastics. Isadora Duncan is known to be the first to dance barefoot unlike in classical ballet. Isadora perceived dance as a free and natural movement, that expressed the character and emotions of a dancer. The soul language was an inspiration for dance. She believed free dance, especially when performed in a group, uncovered the beauty of a woman and grace of her movement.
In its present form the AGG began in Nordic countries in the middle of the 20th century. The first competition was held in 1950 in Helsinki. However, the first World Championship took place only in 2000. The International Federation for Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (IFAGG) was established in 2003. It comprises more than 20 member countries including Austria, Spain, Canada, Russia, Finland, Japan, etc. Currently, the IFAGG organizes World Championships, World Cup competitions, Challenge Cup competitions for juniors and international children’s competitions.
AGG is often compared to rhythmic gymnastics. In fact these two disciplines come from the same background but rhythmic gymnastics moved away from its original purpose. A 20-year old girl is not capable to perform elements that a girl of 12 can do. AGG does not require athletic skills, which makes it suitable for females of any age. It is enough to have a dance experience, artistry, musicality and sense of partnership. The most important thing here is to express the character, thoughts, beauty and feelings through body language.
AGG is a team sport where apparatus – ribbon, ball or hoop are not used as they are in Rhythmic Gymnastics. An AGG team consists of 6-10 gymnasts depending on the age category. Each team works as a cohesive unit in every look, gasp and little finger movement. Trainings help refine technical elements and achieve harmony with the music. AGG competition is a great and spectacular event. Every competition program is a small theatrical performance bringing together sport, plastic art, beauty, contemporary dance choreography, team spirit and expression.


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